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School supplies for poor students in Ban Chang

JCD 2017 BCH Outreach Scjhool supplilesThursday, May 4th, we visited Ban Chang to purchase school uniforms and supplies for the poor students before their schools re-opened. We feel that equipping these essentials, not only allows them fit in with their peers, but also, ultimately, better focus on their studies.

 This was our consecutive 5th year participating with this project, in conjunction with Pattaya International Ladies Club (PILC) and the Ban Chang Hospital outreach program. From our side, we covered the needs of 23 students expending 13,179 baht. As usual, we appreciate PS Books for their kind discount.

Pictured with the children and parents are left to right: Bernie Tuppin (Jesters) in front; Helle Rantsen (PILC) in back; Erle Kershaw (Jesters) in back; and Khun Mat (BCHOR) in front.