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Camillian Home Child Sponsor Update -- Fahsai, Tewit, Fey

Fahsai Ngamsang (Fasai)
Fahsai is now 9 years old .She is 117 cm tall and weighs 17.5 kg .She lives on the third floor with 12 children that have severe disabilities .She is healthy but she needs to take a muscle relaxant drug every day . She goes to a dentist every 3 months for decalcification and fluoride treatments.
With her continuous physical therapy classes, she can now walk from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor with the walker without help from a staff member or a volunteer .She loves doing everything by herself such as sitting down, creeping to the bathroom, eating meals, etc.
Fahsai is a confident girl. She has shown talent for speaking and singing. She doesn’t mind to speak or sing before crowds. In November 2017, she was entered into a story telling contest at a Camillian reunion at the Home for the Aged in Ratchasima. Even though she didn’t win the contest, she did not cry nor show signs of sadness..
Fahsai is attending kindergarten classes from Monday to Thursday from 1 PM to 3PM. She likes English, Art and Thai. She does not like Mathematics. In the future she wants to be a teacher.
Jiranan Saysorn(Fey)
Fey is now 14 years old .She is 145 cm tall and weighs 33.5 kg .She lives on the third floor with 12 children that have severe disabilities. She goes to a dentist every 3 months for decalcification and fluoride treatments. She has physical therapy on Monday –
Thursday at 10. 00 - 10. 30 p.m . to increase and exercise her muscles. With her continue training from staff, she can follow verbal instructions like let’s sit down or stand up. Fey can walk from 1st floor to 3rd floor on her own.
During menstruation, Fey’s health and mood changed and she was easily irritated, sometimes biting or slapping her own head. She received emotional psychiatric treatment at Sirindhorn Hospital. Her symptoms are monitored and evaluated every 3 months. Since she has been prescribed a mood drug her mood has improved. Prior to this she did not like loud noises and now can tolerate them. Now, she can adjust to some more activities.
Tewit Sarakarn (Tewit)
Tewit is now 21 years old. He is 155 cm tall and weighs 26 kg. He lives on the second floor with Likid and his mother who takes care of everything for him: bathing and feeding him through a NG tube. At the beginning of the year, Tewit had a lung infection and was kept in the hospital for one month. Tewit had to have his lungs aspirated and needed to eat a diet of soft food that was easily digested.
Midway through the year, Tewit was again hospitalized with anemia. The doctor tried different anti-inflammatory medications that were not compatible with Tewits HIV medication, The doctor prescribed a new drug and to date Tewit has no symptoms of anemia. His situation is being followed up every month for the last three months at the hospital in Lat Krabang. His mood is quite good. From time to time, people are commenting on. Tewit’s health that has shown a definite improvement.

Merry Christmas from Fountain of Life

FOLC Christmas celebration on Sunday Dec 10

Dear Benefactors,

On behalf of the children, staff and Sisters of Fountain of Life Center, we thank you for your generosity. Your contributions and commitments in supporting our cause to provide education to our children is sincerely appreciated. Each time, your support goes a long way to prove and enhance the lives of our children. We believe many young lives will change for the better.”

“Thank you once again for your generous support.

May this Christmas bring you love, peace and joy.

We wish you all the best and happiness throughout the coming year