• Education

    Children born into impoverished conditions often do not have the means or documentation to attend school.

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  • Special Schools

    We assist the Pattaya Redemptorist School for the Blind, Khao Baisri Special Education 12 for the disabled.

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  • Shelter

    Orphaned, abandoned street kids are at risk to sexual predators and drug abuse. Other kids are born with HIV/AIDS and..

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  • Amari Pattaya

    Chairman Lewis Underwood from the Jesters Care for Kids Charity Drive presents certificate of appreciation to GM Brendan Daly of the Amari...

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Q?: What is the Jesters Care for Kids Charity Drive?

A: We are an organization dedicated to helping needy kids in Thailand get safe shelter, education via scholarships and, if disabled, special schooling. Now entering our 15th year, over 60 million baht has been raised and distributed to at least 45 different beneficiaries assisting disadvantaged children and young adults.


Q?: Who is behind the Jesters Care for Kids Charity Drive?

A: Our committee is comprised of volunteer members, both local and foreign, with a wide range of co-opted experience, skills and contacts.There is no administrative cost taken out of donations.


Q?: How does the Jesters Care for Kids Charity Drive raise funds?

A: We send begging letters to companies and individuals quarterly, both locally and abroad, and by encouraging visitors on our website to donate through PayPal.We also garner donations through exposure of regular press releases in the Pattaya Mail, televised interviews on PMTV and air time on local radio stations throughout the year. Posters, flyers, banners, stickers, event shirts and an annual publication (yearbook) also help promote our cause.We also derive funds from our Main Events in September.


Q?: When is the Jesters Care for Kids Charity Drive?

A: Fund-raising is year-round. However, each year our efforts culminate with our main events in September. Typically, the Jesters Children’s Fair is on the second Sunday in September and the Jesters Gala Party Night on the fourth Saturday in September.


Q?: Where is the Jesters Care for Kids Charity Drive?

A: We are based in Pattaya on the Eastern Seaboard; less than 2 hours from Bangkok. The Jesters Children’s Fair is held at the Diana Garden Resort off North Pattaya Road, while the Jesters Gala Party Night is now located to the Amari Orchid Pattaya on Beach Road.